Friday, April 23, 2010


Yesterday I went to Vallecas to shoot an andvertisement for Belgeuse products. Belgeuse is the firm where my uncle works so he asked me to do this for him.

Of course I said yes...cause u all now how much I do love shootings (tv, pics, etc)

It was a great and wonderfull day :D I met Mirentxu, a woman wo looks very alike Xenia :D I now know how Xenia wiill look like in 20 years :)

In the advert we promote some dental hygiene products, as ionic action toothbrush, and also thermal patches.

Here u have the webpage if u wanna check it out the products. I really recommend the ionic action toothbrush, the eyes contour patches, the lifting action mask and the thermal patch for the period time.

HyG Ionic Medio + 2 replacements Parchi Transdermic Eyes Contour (16 unids) Parchi Transdermic Máscara Lifting Hidratante 2 uni. Parchi Thermal Patches Case for Lady (2 unids)

Hope you all like the advert when u see it on tv...I will upload the videos as soon as I get them




  1. u'r so lucky to be on tv!!!! i envy uuuuuu <3

  2. Hi, I wonder if you or your Uncle could help me please?
    I live in England and want to buy some Belgeuse dental products which are fabulous.
    I have ordered (and e-mailed) several times to try to set up a payment from £ to € several times but no reply from them.So frustrating when you want to buy a good product!!!
    Do you know a name I could contact for this information?

  3. Hello Elaine,

    I hope you come back again to my blog and read my answer hehehe I told my uncle about you problem and I'm waiting for him to tell me how to solve it. As soon as I have the asnwer I will let you know, give you his email, mine or asking you for yours ok???

    Hope we can have the proble solved and you can buy these fantastic dental products :D

  4. Hi Elaine

    My unlce told me you can buy the products in euros in this website: and u can pay with visa and it will be delivered to you :D