Sunday, March 28, 2010


I've never been disspointed with a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. However, Dear John has done it.

I do not understand with the scrrenplay writer has changed almost the whole story.

First the story do not start the spring of 2001, they had met before annd have been dating for a year before the 11S happens.

Secondly, Tim it's not married in the book and Alan is his brother nor his son. And at the end of the book Tim and Savannah live happily after Tim is recover from his cancer, but in the movie he dies of cancer and Svannah and John meet some months after he has died.

Third...there are only 3 letter or so in the book, and in the movie they invented more letters and also the content in them. The only one which is identical to the one in the book, is the Dear John letter. A Dear John letter is the one you receive when ur partner tells you he/she does not want to continue the relationship. It's a break up kind of letter.

Even the story of Svannah is different from the book. She is in Charleston during the summmer only to build a house for people who need it. However in the movie, she lives in Charleston and also build a house for people.

I can understand that the producers wants people to go and see he movie, so they make the story more romantic than inn the book. However, the book is as romantic as the movie but in a different way.

I hate when they change the secuence of events in the story and make it their way, with a Hollywood ending (I though the era of changing endings had ended, but I was wrong)

If u haven't read the book ur gonna love the movie I promise...if u have read the book u r gonna love it to but u will feel a bit dissapointed.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Hey guys....we have new pic from the shoot os sex and the city 2 the movie :D

I'm so looking forward to watch the movie, which is on theater June the 4th (Spain)

Hope u like the pics ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cuentos de Bereth II: La Maldición de las Musas

Almost three weeks ago I finished reading the second book of my friend Javier Ruescas (Cuentos de Bereth II: La Maldición de las Musas).

For the record, I have to say that I absolutely love it. I bought it Saturday the 6th and I finished reading it Monday the 8th.

This second book is more beautifully written than the first one, maybe because Javier has improved in his writing.

The story narrates the adventures of Duna and Adharel while looking for the person who can end up with the curse (you know, to turn Adharel into a dragon during the night). However, while they are trying to solve their problem, there are some people chasing them. They have been ordered to kill them. Who do u think is the person who ordered that???

This book has really amazed me. Mainly in the way everything has sense, and in the way all stories are related to one another. In my opinion this is something quite difficult to do in a successful way ;)


I hope it is soon translated into English so all of u can actually read it ;)

Congrats Javier :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Last Sunday March 7th the ceremony of the Oscars 2010 took place. The red carpet this year, in my opinion, was a disaster. The gowns some cellebrities wore were awful.

For me the most elegant and the best dress in the whole red carpet was the Versace nude that Demi Moore wore.


Demi Moore ----- VERSACE

Diane Kruger ----- DIOR

Rachel McAdams ---- ELIE SAAB COUTURE

Amanda Seyfried --- ARMANI PRIVE


Cameron Diaz ---- OSCAR DE LA RENTA


Sarah Jessica Parker ---- DIOR

Zoe Saldana ---- GIVENCHY

Kate Winslet ----- YSL

Kristen Stewart ----- MONIQUE LHUILLIER

Sandra Bullock ----- MARCHESA

Mariah Carey ---- VALENTINO

Charlize Theron ----- DIOR


She is elegant, rich, happy, rich, widow, rich, fashion victim, rich....She is a rich Spanish woman who in a year became very famous outside her inner social circle.

I really admire this woman because she is very open and says what she thinks. She is 62 years old and she doesn't look like it.

Her main hobby is basically shopping. Which girl won't love that??? I do :D however I do not have as much money as she has. She collects design and haute couture dresses. She has one whole wardrobe only for Chanel Dresses and other one to Diors.

Her fortune comes from the inheritance her husband, Guillermo Capdvila, left to her. The Chilean industrial designer left her thousands of registers, which made her a millionaire. She was forced to be in control of the business. She made use of her experince as a public relations of El Banco Santander, and it seems she is really good at it :D