Sunday, March 14, 2010


She is elegant, rich, happy, rich, widow, rich, fashion victim, rich....She is a rich Spanish woman who in a year became very famous outside her inner social circle.

I really admire this woman because she is very open and says what she thinks. She is 62 years old and she doesn't look like it.

Her main hobby is basically shopping. Which girl won't love that??? I do :D however I do not have as much money as she has. She collects design and haute couture dresses. She has one whole wardrobe only for Chanel Dresses and other one to Diors.

Her fortune comes from the inheritance her husband, Guillermo Capdvila, left to her. The Chilean industrial designer left her thousands of registers, which made her a millionaire. She was forced to be in control of the business. She made use of her experince as a public relations of El Banco Santander, and it seems she is really good at it :D


  1. she really has a life every girl wants. =)


    Here is a piece of a report of 21 days living in luxury.
    It's in spanish, but it is really ilustrated.