Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cuentos de Bereth II: La Maldición de las Musas

Almost three weeks ago I finished reading the second book of my friend Javier Ruescas (Cuentos de Bereth II: La Maldición de las Musas).

For the record, I have to say that I absolutely love it. I bought it Saturday the 6th and I finished reading it Monday the 8th.

This second book is more beautifully written than the first one, maybe because Javier has improved in his writing.

The story narrates the adventures of Duna and Adharel while looking for the person who can end up with the curse (you know, to turn Adharel into a dragon during the night). However, while they are trying to solve their problem, there are some people chasing them. They have been ordered to kill them. Who do u think is the person who ordered that???

This book has really amazed me. Mainly in the way everything has sense, and in the way all stories are related to one another. In my opinion this is something quite difficult to do in a successful way ;)


I hope it is soon translated into English so all of u can actually read it ;)

Congrats Javier :D

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