Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday my photo appear on the newspaper....this is the advert:

Today I spent my whole day with my dearest S. After meeting Sing and KC for picking the pictures we took on saturday, I met Xenia and we went to Tsuen Wan for repearing her watch. Then we went to Kwai Fong to do some shopping and finally came back to the residence.

We bought a blueberry muffin before arriving to the residence and once there we switch on my computer and downloaded the new episode of gossip girl. It was awesome and we were in tension so many times!!!!!

After gossip girl we decided to go for dinner to New marche and then we came back to residence and watch "Diario de una Ninfomana"

Thanks for a nice day S

Love u

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  1. jaja me encontré a Isaac en tu hall y me pregunta: Qué película vieron? Y yo eh... bueno, eso da igual xD