Friday, May 8, 2009


Today is my las official day in HK (I say official cause maybe I will come back someday but dont know when). I'm gonna miss everybody here:

Xenia - my other half- for being such a good friend. I'm gonna miss spend the day with you, watch GG together, gossip about CityU students and the biatches, shop around HK, try make up in bobby brown, shue uemura, etc. I'm gonna miss u sooooooooooooo much....I can't believe that we have become such a good friends. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! thanks so much for helping throughout the yearin HK. If u weren't in HK, I don't know what I would have done. YOU ARE, and always be, MY BEST FRIEND.

Xevi for being such a good friend a pitty we have met each other that late in the semester. Although we haven't had much time to enjoy HK together...I really feel we did. I'm gonna miss u and whatch youtube videos when we are bored hehehehe. THANKS SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.

KC & Sing for being the perfect hongkong friends. Thank so much for everything. You were always there when I needed you and that's something not so many people do. Thank you for the pictures and the funny moment you have bring to me. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.

Gokce for being the best Samantha Jones in the world. I enjoy so much our talks about taboo. I really appreciate everything we have done together, lunch, shopping, gossiping...THANKS!!!

I do not have time to write more right now...but I will later...I have to write about soooooo many people


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  1. If the time can be restarted, I hope I can meet you at the point that you just came to Hong Kong, too late for me to know you

    But I think the shortest the time , the most valuable we treasure the friendship ;-)

    Soraya, you must be the best western friend of mine ~ <3