Sunday, July 25, 2010


A few days ago a started reading again the new Javier Ruescas' book: Tempus Fugit, the soul's thief. He gave it to me the day of our graduation from college, as a present for translating him Tempus Fugit's press kit.

I started reading the book right away. however, a lot of thing happened in June and I couldn't continue reading. I brought the book with me to Ireland, thinking that the job as a course leader would be easy and I would have time to read. It was not that easy, though.

During an excursion to Glendalough, I hurt my left foot big toe and the doctor told me to walk as less as possible. One day, we went to Dublin so the kids could go shopping. As I couldn't walk properly I stayed in a cafeteria next to the Spire. I ordered a Red Tea and a Lactose free Muffin (I'm lactose intolerant :S )

We were supposed to be in Dublin for 4 hours, and I read the whole book just in 3 hours!!!!1 Once you start reading the book you will realize what I'm talking about.

It's such a catching book that you can't stop reading. A good example is one of my students in Ireland. We had gathered to watch an horror film. As he doesn't like horror films I told him to stay in my room and red Tempus Fugit. When the movie finish it was so difficult to get him out of my room taht I had to let him the book to read it at his room. HHe read almost the whole book!!!!!!! Unbelievable.

I do not have much time now to write a synopsys of the book but I will as soon as I'm in Madrid. Keep in touch to read the update next week


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  1. Ohhhh!! Thaaaanks for your words :) :)! I hope you're having a great summer :D!