Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today I've finished reading Through the Storm, the book Britney's mum wrote in 2008. I've always wanted to read it to see their life from her point of view, because as you all know the tabloids really distort reality.

As I read through the book I felt very sorry for waht happend to Britney. It seems she was sorrounded by ver harmful people as Sam Lutfi for example. He was the reason why Britney was hospitalized. He was such a bad influence for her and she didn't even saw it.

Too many people say that Lynne pushed Brit into the fame and they call her stage mom. That's so not true. At the beginning Britney was a very happy girl who worked in waht she loved: singing. However, papparazzi are like vultures and only looked for bad things to tell. And thw worst thing of all that is that we believe what they tell us.

She talk about Britney and Jamie Lynn's pregnancies as well as about his older son.

If you relly want to know the truth about the Spears family you should read this book

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