Thursday, September 2, 2010


I've been watching for a while an MTV reality show called THE CITY. I have to say I was amazed by this reality, as well as I am with Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Watching the show I realized that I would love to work for a fashion brand in the near future. Don't know which one yet, but I will let you all know as soon as I figure it out.

The reality takes place in New York City. As I wrote once in my Facebook Status "I'm going to live in NYC", and after watching the show my desire of living in NYC has grown :D


Here you have a little sum up about the show I found in Wikipedia

The City is an MTV reality television series. As the first spin-off of another MTV series, The Hills, it follows one of the show's former cast members, Whitney Port, as she moves to New York City to work for fashion designer Diane von F├╝rstenberg.

After a relatively unsuccessful first half season, the show was revamped, dropping all of the main characters except for Whitney and Olivia Palermo. Port rejoined her former boss Kelly Cutrone at the public relations firm, People's Revolution, while Palermo joined the staff of Elle magazine. The new format also saw the addition of two new main characters, Roxy Olin and Erin Kaplan, as well as several recurring characters.

From the two main characters fo the show I personally like Whitney Port. I think Olivia Palermo behaves like a spolied child.and clearly makes everything she can to destroy Whitney. I hope she's only acting so the real Olivia is actually nicer.

I love Olivia's style, she know how to dress. I also love Whitney's fashion collection - WHITNEY EVE-, is fresh and very girly sexy.


Here you have a link to watch the show online:

The link to Whitney's personal blog, and Whitney Eve online shop:

The link to Olivia's fan page

This pic is from one episode where I started hating Olivia a little bit. She gets and assigment in DVF. The assignment consist on selecting some outfits to send to ELLE Magazine in NYC, fot a Jessica Alba cover shoot. Whitney was supposed to help her.

Olivia is a little bit jealous of Whitney so she doesn't agree whit the outfit choices Whitney made. Finally she agrees to include one of Whitney's choices - a flower printed jacket and a matching skirt-

Few weeks later DVF receives the cover from Elle and the outfit selected for the cover is the one Whitney had chosen. However when They ask them who was the one to put together the winner outfit for the cover, Olivia says it was all her idea. Moreover, she receives a lot of recognition for that and an offer to go to the UK for an event.

She's like a little bitch don't you think???

As I said...I hope she was only acting for the show.

Whitney and Manolo Blhanik

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