Friday, September 10, 2010


A great nigth...I told you, if u are not going you will regret it.

We arrive at 7.50 to Serrano and it was literally crowded. Our first stop was Carolina Herrera because they have a give away if you waer your nails in red. However when we arrived to the store, a poster said "we are can find us in Serrano 16" - which was so far away.

On our way down to CH we saw the Photocall in Chopard and decided to give it a try. We arrived and ask the photographer if he could take us a picture (he did it and printed the photo for us!!!! I will scaned it and upload it)

The one you see here is with my camera. The one the photographer took is much better.

We were a bit mad because we walked a lot to CH and now we had to walk all the way back :S. Fortunately we saw some cars with the Logo VFNO, and they took us to the other CH. It was crazy!!!!!

The driver drove way too fast that some picture we took during the ride were blurry hehehehe.

The queue was endless, and the gift was worthless. We decided not to wait the queue and we headed to other place: Trucco. There we drank champagne rosè!!!!

We were exhausted from walking from there to here, etc and suddenly we saw the VFNO cars again!!!! We took them and went to Vasari. We enter into Vasari with no objections...but for the cocktails they ask for a golden passport which we didn0t have so they tell us we had to go :(

Then we went to Juicy Couture. It was crazy!!!! there was a carousel, pictures printed in the moment and mojitos!!!!!! We had an amazing time there

And finally my favourite store of all times - TYFFANY & CO - I tried on my future engagement ring. It the Tyffany Setting, size 6, 0.65 carats :D

On our way back to Colon, where Andres was goin to pick us up, we saw this amazing photocall and those amazing diamond rings. We stoped there and took some pics!!!!! You know how much was the ring??? 26000 €!!!!!!!!!!!

I had an amazing time with my friends. Thank you Sara, Cris and Sonia for this incredible night


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