Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cuentos de Bereth I : Encantamiento de Luna

Yesterday @ 3.00 am I finished reading my friend Javier Ruescas' first book, Cuentos de Bereth I: Encantamiento de Luna. It's an amazing book!!!!

It narrates the story of Duna Azuladea, a lowly girl who lives in the kingdom of Bereth and suddenly will start working in the Royal Palace. @ the Palace, she will meet the courageous Prince of Bereth, Adharel, and his arrogant brother, Prince Dimitri. From now on she will get mixed up into a hatch of lies, secrets and betrayals for the throne of Bereth. In the meantime, Kingdom of Bereth discovers itself being part of an imminent war to protect the electricity, and discovers a mistery dragon in the sorroundings.

Cuentos de Bereth is, among all, a tribute to all the fairy tales of our times. At the same time it¡s a new story. Personally I think this book worth to be read, and it's a pitty it's not yet translated into English. I've started yesterday in the mornign, on ym way to mandarin class, the chapter 3 and I finished the whole book yesterday at 3.00 this means this book is AWESOME!!!

For more information about Javier, u can go to his blog, the official web page of the book, or his official web page


  1. Thanks for the article, Soraya ^_^!! I'm glad you liked it :D:D:D:D!!!

  2. Pero que guapo es tu amigo Soraya....!!!!!

  3. You should translate it to English Sory! It'd be a really good experience!you could spend 6 months translating it so it'd make 4 years left to UN! jajajaja

  4. Yeah!! that would be great...I'm gonna tell Javier about this ;)

  5. Thank you for some sort of information on this book. XD I just spent quite a while trying to find out who Javier Ruescas is and what he's written, but it's difficult considering it's all in Spanish (which I can't speak or read). I was hoping the books would have an English translation available, but apparently not yet. I'll be waiting for one. :)

  6. Thanks so much for commenting back! Replying here because I don't think you'll see it otherwise. :)

    I bet I'd love his books, too, if only I could read them, haha. XD I saw him in Jackson Pearce's video Buy A Laser Printer, if you know what video I'm talking about, and I was curious to find out who he was and what he had written. It was a pleasant surprise for me to find out his age since I haven't seen many younger published authors, and I'm actually close to the same age and I'm aiming to become an author as well, so it was motivating. ^_^

    I, and I'm sure many others, really appreciate your efforts! I was upset that I couldn't find anything in English until your blog surfaced in my Google search. XD That's really great. I'll have my fingers crossed on the book getting published in English! I live in Canada. :)

    I'd absolutely love it if you could keep me updated! I'm really looking forward to one day reading his books.

    One last thing, if you could help me out, though it's probably silly of me to ask. Can you tell me how to pronounce his name? XD I know the name Javier, but I don't know whether to say it "ha-vee-air" or "ha-vee-ay," and I have no idea how to pronounce his last name. It's hard to tell people about an author you can't say the name of. XD Thank you!

    Congratulations on the graduation, by the way!