Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hello everyone,

As you know next year I gotta go abroad again. My university offers me 3 places to go next year, two in England and one in Belgium.

My first option is gonna be Brussels for sure cause I wanna improve my French as much as possible. I also wanna go there cause there is where the European Union has it's headquarters, and as I wanna be a UN interpreter I think the teaching will be more focus on people who want to work for diplomatic corps.

This is the link to the Brussels University

My next option is London, the University of Roehampton. Here you have the link if you wanna see it:

The last option would be Saldfor University in Manchester. you have the link below:

What do you think about my options??? I wish I could come back to HK but unfortunately the Translation and Interpreting degree requires speaking Cantonese :( and I'm far away from speaking Cantonese...Mandarin maybe but not Cantonese.

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