Friday, November 20, 2009


Tonight I discovered the fanatic side of Ana. We went for HAPPY HOUR at Friday's, after that we were walking around the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium . Suddenly we saw some people waiting in front of a garage door. They were waiting for the Real Madrid players to enter into the Stadium, so we decided to stay and wait if we could see anything.

Ana become so excited about we started making fun at the guard in the entrance

Ana: I'm a celebrityholic. If I see Cristiano Ronald I'm gonna jump into his car!!!!

Me: The guard is gonna arrest you

Ana: Que me detengan soy una celebrityholic, tarada y peligrosa, yo no lo puedo con -tro-lar,

Video 1: Iker Casillas
Video 2: Xavi Alonso


Ana: Xavi Alonso, Me encataaaaaaaa. Te quierooooooooooooo, deja a tu mujer por mi! (Xavi Alonso, I love him. I love youuuuuuuu,leave your wife and come with me)


  1. hilarious, just hilarious! I tried to see the news 2nite but I could make it for the Sports part, so maybe we'll be on TV tomorrow....look for us in the sports section, we'll be there for sure;)
    you know you love me
    Fanatic Girl

  2. I did yesterday but they only filmed from the door to the bus...I'm not going to be able to watch it this afternoon cause I will be with my French friend doing the Spanish-French tandem. If you can record it with ur cell phone tthat would be amazing hehehe then u can uploaded into ur blog.

    btw do not forget to send me a pic of u cause I'm gonna make an special section on u with Lady Gaga's PAPARAZZI song