Saturday, November 28, 2009


I had you, I had everything I ever needed
From that first look I knew
I'd found heaven in your eyes
But who was to know the way it would go
I have no regrets
Glad to let you in
Wouldn't have missed one single moment
I would do it all over again

'Coz I was loved
I was touched
And I learned what love is
And I learned what love is
I was blessed, so blessed
Coz I learned what love is
I learned what love is
From loving you

I held you, I held everything I ever dreamed of
With that first kiss from you
All this world seemed so right
But who was to see the way it would be
I'll never forget
The heaven we shared
And I'll thank God for every moment
Every moment that I had you there


Some people search their whole lives
never find what i found in your eyes
Glad I got to get the chance to have you in my life
I won't be sad when I look back
Coz I was...


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